McAlpine Care

We have experienced Private Assistants (PA) working day in and day out on helping people recover from serious accidents. Find out how our services can help you get on the path to healing and independence.

McAlpine Care is a Domiciliary Care Agency with specialist in personal growth and development for both our clients and staff. McAlpine Care has been carefully designed to respond to the needs of our clients to help empower and increase independence. Our clients are those who, because of life changing experiences find it difficult to cope with day-to-day activities such as personal care needs, shopping or just general support. Our service enables people to remain at home comfortable and happy within their own familiar surroundings. McAlpine Care  is an independent care agency providing non-medical care within the home, community, or on a one-to-one basis. ​​ 

"To improve and enhance lives through empowerment, love and care. Working together to deliver a safe, and happy environment. A team driven orientated company who are passionate about helping people."

Find out how we can provide 'CARE' for you...


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Our Vision: To be that change that the care industry needs. Seeing beyond the obvious, we focus on creating a safe, motivating and resilient workforce, to be a supportive, forward thinking, innovative and self-motivated provider to the Care & Support and Home Support industries. Delivering only quality services dedicated to choice and encouraging independence based outcomes for each individual we support.
A place of business that we are all proud to work in – team focused, compelling, multicultural, vibrant, attentive, energetic, perceptive – housing talent who bring expertise, experience, wisdom and desire – a first choice in our market.

A business that is all about the customer, market centric, cutting edge and leading the way forward.